Haggai Business Network History

For over a decade, Haggai Business Network (HBN) has been providing networking and information sharing opportunities to entrepreneurs in the Maryland, Virginia and District of Columbia metro areas. Established in 2004 as the business ministry of Jesus house DC; a faith based tax-exempt nonprofit organization in Washington in DC, HBN advocates for opportunities and information that position their members for competitiveness. Through sound biblical principles, entrepreneurs learn the ethics of business operation and management.

We have built a web of partnership with various organizations to enable us deliver comprehensive events and programs that fulfill our commitment of serving small and medium scale businesses in our community. In 2008, we went beyond our workshops and seminars to establish the “Haggai Business School” (HBS, 12 weeks intense business training that fosters venture creation and advancement. Until date, we have graduated over 500 participants who has since gone ahead to start up their businesses. After the peak of the global financial crisis in 2008, HBN laughed the HBN chapter of Dave Ramsey financial Peace University as part of the wealth and debt management program of the organization. The aim of this program was to educate our community on the basic steps in achieving financial freedom by eliminating debt and saving for the future and business investments. In 2011, we started the HBN-Konnect event, which bring together business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, investors and insightful leaders in business to network and collaborate for mutual benefits. The bi monthly evening event is a relationship driven gathering creates opportunity for education, networking and social impact.

In 2012, at the commencement of our small business contract-training program, we collaborate with Small Business Administration (SBA) to conduct the 8a certification workshop. Through this effort, we were able to introduce our members to opportunities that exist in government contracting. This was followed by the introduction of the bi annual HBN Business Exhibition in 2013. The business exhibition provided the environment of business owners to create awareness by showcase their businesses to the larger communities in the DMV. HBN-Engage was initiated in 2014 as the advisory program of the organization.

The aim of this program was to identify and address the specific needs of businesses owner through a one on one session that encourage existing entrepreneurs to optimize their businesses and explore opportunities that enhances marketability and profitability. In 2015, HBN started the “RHAMP Business Plan Competition to empower business with the technical and financial resources they need for their businesses. The first competition had over 60 participants with five entrepreneurs making it to the finals. The finalist pitched their business ideas to a team of panelist and investors for funding opportunity.



To Foster small business establishment and management for sustainable development.


To serve as resource guide for information to businesses in DMV through partnership with various organizations.


To facilitate networking forums by leading industry professionals through Seminars, Workshops and Training sessions.


To mentor and encourage our member’s on how to build and manage enduring Godly businesses through our sound biblical teachings.

“…Our mission is to nurture a global community of entrepreneurs to own sustainable businesses that promote innovation and economic growth.

Our vision

To provide valuable resources, networking opportunities and capacity building to diverse group of entrepreneurs.

Our executive team members

Ghandi Olaoye

President and Executive Director

Fola Babalola

VP & Director of Outreach/Communication

Sola Sodeinde

Director of Operations and Administration

Tunde Ijiyemi

Director of Business Development

Damilola Odutola

Director of Finance and Budget

Joseph Ikeji

Director of Programs and Project

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