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Programs / Haggai Business School

HBS is the entrepreneur-training arm of Haggai Business Network. HBS goal is to help members and the community actualizes their business ideas; help on-going businesses to expand, assist members in developing their entrepreneurial skills, guide our members in setting and achieving measurable goals while maintaining absolute work-life balance. Courses offer are Business Plan writing, Strategic Management, Change Management, SWOT Analysis, Grant Proposal writing, Financial Planning and Projection.

HBS Course Content

How to set SMART-Specific Measurable Actionable Realistic Time bound goals for your business.

How to focus on one good idea, rather than spread yourself across many ideas.

How to translate ideas into products and services that meet the needs of customers.

How to define and differentiate your business from competing products and services.

How to grow existing businesses and maximize the potential of your existing.

Curriculum Highlights

Startup and Existing Venture Tracks

Product and service definition market sizing and product value quantification marketing

Website development, Promotional Strategy development Operations, Contracting, Business Administration and Management Strategy

Business development and business networking skills development

Personnel and Management Team selection

Business Financials: Pricing strategies

Revenue Model development

Business value maximization and exit strategies

A weekend summer business retreat at an outside location

HBS has graduated a total of 88 students
since its inception.